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New Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Plant and Septic System Installation

Waller County Septic / D&J Services offers septic installation services for new aerobic wastewater treatment plants, the new and improved version of the old drain-line septic system. We can provide information about the best septic systems for your location and even put you in touch with a reputable certified engineer who can provide you with a drawing and a wastewater treatment system designed for your specific water use, soil type, and other relevant factors.

Gone are the days of sinking a 53 Chevy in the back yard and running a drain pipe into it and calling it a complete septic system. The environmental effects of wastewater, and the repeated failure of conventional systems in soil that is easily water-logged, led to the widespread use of aerobic wastewater treatment plants. Waller County Septic is expert at reading septic installation plans and making the abstract design into a finished, functional septic system.
We offer aerobic wastewater treatment plant and septic system installation, repairs, and maintenance. While the conventional septic systems are more rare than once they were, we still install a couple of those a year when the design calls for it.

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