Contact Waller County Septic and D&J Services

Give Mary and Dale a call at 979-826-3610 or 979-826-8628. Those are the Waller County Septic land lines.

Mary and Dale Flukinger own Waller County Septic and D&J Services

You can also stop by the place or drop us a letter at:
35766 Mayer Road
Hempstead, TX 77445

Give us a shout when you need our help, to ask any questions, or just to shoot the bull. You can also swing by if you ‘d like. We’ll keep a chair on the porch with your name on it.

History of D&J Services and Waller County Septic

We started in 1971 as D&J Services by helping folks out with dirt work, installing conventional septic systems, and maintaining conventional systems. Before long, word of mouth had us up and running. We’re still going strong today, even if the septic business has completely changed. Today, it’s aerobic systems we install for the most part, though we still get a conventional system every now and again. We began offering septic tank pumping services again in 2009 because the demand had grown so much in our area. As part of that effort, we set up Waller County Septic.

We work to make sure your job is done right the first time. We’ve come behind and fixed too many blunders and too many mess-ups along the way to make them ourselves. We’re just fair, honest, shoot-you-straight kind of people.

Mary and Dale Flukinger (pronounced fluke injur) have worked hard to provide consistent, quality installations of septic systems and aerobic wastewater treatment plants for over 20 years. Dale has lived in Waller County all his life and Mary moved in from east Texas after the wedding in 1970. They have two daughters and three grandchildren, all of whom still live in Waller County.

If you’d like a free estimate, or if you have a question about septic installations or our septic system pumping services, or maybe if you’d just like to visit, give us a holler. We’ll be around.

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